Online ordering built for your restaurant.

We are employee-owned company so we all cares

The mission of Carte24 is to educate the truth about online ordering that other big companies are hiding. We don't just provide you online order but listening and build you online line order to your needs and specifications.

Many of these big companies take between 10% to 25% of every order that your store makes from their online platforms

Depending on the store's profit margins you in the end only makes about 4% of the order.

On a $100 order that is $4 made for you after paying your employees, food costs, and other important expenses, these big companies just made $18 off of your order without lifting a finger. Why are you operating to give these big companies your hard earned money?

What if I told you, you can keep your 4% and their 18% $22 sounds better than $4 doesn't it?

Many of these big companies put their website on your google page so that they can drive traffic and orders to them. Your customers are looking for your business, not theirs, but if these big companies are the only way to get to you then they have no choice but to go through them. We fight to get back those google pages for you, list your brand new website, and bring your customers where they should be. By having your own website you can drive traffic directly to your business, there is no middleman to take a cut of your hard earned money.

How Does It Work

  • 1

    Build Your Website

  • 2

    Social media marketing

  • 3

    Customers order online

  • 4

    Order pick-up or delivered