Questions And Answers


How does this work?

We build you a website with online order all in one.


How Do We Get Customers?

Like all companies we submit your website on Google and Yelp to get traffics.


How do we get pay and what about credit card?

With PayPal and all credit cards, get deposits as fast as the next business day.


Why Paypal?

With paypal you have access to 250 millions plus users, and accept all credit cards


What if customers do not have paypal?

Do not need paypal, they can pay with any credit cards


How Do We Receive Online Orders?

4 easy methods: Fax, Smart Printer, Texting, and Email


Can We Update Our Website?

You have admin login to update your website.


What if i already website?

We build new website using your existing domain or we can create order button on your website


What about gift certificate and reservation?

You can sell gift certificate and let customers make reservation online as well.


What is different with our website and your?

Attractive and appealing design. Mobile friendly and user friendly make it so easy to use.


Why should we sign-up with carte24?

You get a real website. No more commission on every sales. No more percentage on every sales.